A new economy for a new world

Meeting unprecedented challenges with unprecedented solutions.

Our existing economic system has given us countless advancements. It has lifted billions of people out of poverty, nourished us throughout millennia, and even enabled outer space exploration, but for human activity and planet to thrive together, this system needs to change.

The Missing key

We Cēcilie, have deconstructed our existing economic system and repurposed it into the missing key to finance the transition to a zero-emissions world.

In repurposing our existing economic system, we followed three directive criteria:

  • Finance the energy transitions in the most cost-effective and economically efficient manner.
  • Deliver the energy transition in the shortest timeframe possible.
  • Adapt to the economic mix of every nation.

Going Beyond

By repurposing our existing economic system into the driver behind the systemic change required to limit global warming to 1.5C,

  • our repurposed economy does not just deliver affordable zero-emission goods and services but gives rise to net-negative emissions goods and services,
  • the transition to a zero-emissions economy is not merely achieved under free market conditions but the elusive dream of green economic growth is transformed into reality, and
  • the benefits and burdens of the energy transition are not only shared by all relevant actors in an equitable, just and inclusive manner but civil society no longer has to endure large and disruptive changes.

Stage 1: Process 1

In Stage 1: Process 1  (SP:11) of our Global Emissions Mitigation Pathway, we drive deep emission reductions and sustainable development within the automotive and steel industries in the European Single Market and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.