Automotive Industry

Unmatched source of net-negative emissions.

Which do you consider to be the most significant inventions
of all time? Which technologies have fundamentally
transformed human life?

The automobile is arguably one of the greatest inventions in human history.

Few inventions have transformed our lives, culture and environment like the automobile.

Before its invention, most people spent their entire lives within a short distance of the place they were born. Automobiles changed this. They allowed people to travel easily and even under harsh conditions — they offered the freedom to go further than ever before.

For all its benefits, the automotive industry has also brought challenges.

Yet just as this invention once allowed humans to go further than ever before, automobiles will again enable the conquering of a new frontier — the net zero frontier.

From a linear viewpoint, automobiles represent an insurmountable challenge on the road to a zero emissions world — from a nonlinear standpoint, they offer an unmatched opportunity.

Our proprietary non-linear EEAE System effectively transforms automobiles into the single largest source of net-negative emissions — with every new car joining our roads and each new kilometre covered by existing automobiles thrusting us into deeper and faster emissions reductions.

All life on Earth depends on the freedom to move.
David Attenborough